5 Target Practice Tips for Beginners

Target practice can be daunting for a complete beginner. There is a lot of technical focus alongside all the obvious safety aspects to consider, so your brain has a lot to process and a lot to take in. However, even if you have never picked a weapon up before, this skill is one that, with time and practice, can be perfected by even the least confident people. This guide has five tips for beginners looking to fine-tune their target skills that will help anyone get to know their capacity and ability.

Get to Know the Basics of Gun Safety

Handling a weapon is a big responsibility. Anyone in charge of a firearm must ensure they are up to speed with how to do it safely so they are completely able to avoid gravely injuring either themselves or innocent bystanders. The consequences of mishandling a loaded weapon are severe so get to know these four mantras before you pick one up.

  1.       Always assume the weapon you are picking up is loaded and treat it as such.
  2.       Be 100% clear on your surroundings. Stay vigilant of background people and anyone or anything in the vicinity.
  3.       Keep your finger away from the trigger until you are in position and aiming at the target.
  4.       Ensure the target is secure, ready, and clear before releasing.

Prepare Your Equipment

Target practice often means that you will be firing lots of ammunition rounds in a short space of time. The focus of the exercise is to improve dexterity, concentration, and aim so it is natural that you will want to be well equipped so you don’t have to cut the session short. Aside from your weapon, you have to have the right ammo to pair with it, and it has to come from a reputable source, preferably one that vends in larger quantities, like Bulk Munitions, to feel well prepared.

Safety Gear is Important Too

What you wear is equally as important as how you handle the firearm. Your body needs protection, most importantly around the ears and eyes. Target practice is loud and takes its toll so it is good to be aware of these two things before stepping into any arena. Wear clothes that cover you up so your skin is not exposed to rogue firebacks, and do the same with your feet at all times. There is any number of things that can cause ricochet to occur, and you don’t need the pain that comes with exposed skin being hit. Target practice should be an enjoyable experience, after all, therefore suiting up in the optimal attire will only add to the fun while keeping you safe as well.

Invest in Guidance

For some people, hitting a target is an intuitive thing that takes minimal effort. For others, it requires patience and a lot of trial and error. However, there is not much space here to step wrong or fall short because the consequences are too drastic. Find guidance from a trained, experienced advisor and invest some money into a lesson or two. This will build your confidence, and ensure you are getting the correct advice about handling and aiming.

Go with Someone Who Knows the Ropes

If you don’t feel comfortable with a stranger teaching you, consider a friend instead. When you go to a target range with someone who knows what they’re doing, you will feel immediately boosted. Take time to observe, listen and absorb their knowledge because it will be a major advantage when you feel brave enough to go it alone.

Target practice for beginners is an exciting hobby to pick up, but one that demands vigilance and assertiveness. Don’t pick up a weapon until you feel confident you will be able to handle it and always stay focussed.