Can a Flying Squirrel Really Fly?

We really should call the flying squirrel the “gliding squirrel,” as no mammal except the bat is really capable of flying. The flying squirrel doesn’t have wings, but it does have thin flaps between its front and back legs.

When a flying squirrel wants to move from one tree to another, it spreads its legs to open these flaps, then leaps into the air. The flaps act like wings or parachutes, helping the squirrel to glide to the next tree.

Flying squirrels can glide between two trees more than 100 feet apart!

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2 thoughts on “Can a Flying Squirrel Really Fly?”

  1. A flying squirrel in the right condition can glide up to a football fields length. I could not get over the distance that the animal can glide.

  2. I remove lots of flying squirrels from peoples homes. These are the most fascinating animals I have ever been around. They are so inquisitive, I have had them run up to me when I have been inspecting attics gliding from rafter to rafter. Great post.

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