Why Can’t the Koala Bear Live in America?

The koala is a small mammal that looks something like a cute little teddy bear.

can the koala bear live in america

It lives only in Australia, and even if a few of these animals were brought to America, they wouldn’t live very long.

The koala can eat only the leaves of the eucalyptus tree, which grows almost entirely in Australia.

The koala spends most of its life in one of these trees, nibbling on the leaves and buds of the eucalyptus, and even if a koala is very hungry, it won’t eat anything but eucalyptus.

The eucalyptus tree provides the koala with not only its food, but its water as well, so the koala never takes a drink of water in its entire life.

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4 thoughts on “Why Can’t the Koala Bear Live in America?”

  1. eucalyptus trees are not native and as I’m Australian I deffinately know what introduced species can do.
    Introduced species like the cane toad, wild pig and camel have done great damage to australias wildlife and ecosystem so not the greatest idea.
    Plus koalas are not cute or cuddly up close they have been known to maul people even blinding afew becasuse they have some nasty claws that can easy rip into flesh as they use them for climbing

  2. Koala’s live happy and healthy in San Diego, California. Yes, I’ve seen them in San Diego Zoo. There are plenty of eucalyptus trees in So Cal. Someone said that the Koala never come down from their tree homes. Again, not true; the joey, baby koala, I saw was sitting on the ground under his tree. Cute, but not cuddly.

  3. I think that koalas should live in america but if they mess up your house its because you didnt have a cage to put them in thats why dont blame them for it though its not good to blame koalas for everything

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