Can Gemstones Really Cure Diseases?

Just as early people believed that wearing gemstones could influence their personalities and bring them luck, they also believed that these stones could prevent or cure diseases as well.

They believed that:

Amethysts could cure toothaches and headaches.

Diamonds could cure leprosy, insanity, and prevent nightmares.

Agates could reduce fever.

Sapphires protected people from the evil spirits of darkness.

Jade placed around Chinese children’s wrists or ankles would protect them from all harm.

Pearls worn by the Hindus protected them from all evils.

Garnets, because of their red color, the color of blood, would keep the wearer free from any injury.

Opals guard the wearer’s life and keep people with blonde hair forever blonde.

Turquoise would prevent the wearer from falling off a horse.