Do Lions and Tigers Ever Meet in the Wild?

Because many people think that lions and tigers both live in Africa, they may wonder which of these giant cats proves the strongest when they tangle.

But there isn’t a single wild tiger in Africa! Tigers are native to Asia, with one kind living in the hot regions of India, and another kind inhabiting the colder regions of northern China and Siberia. So there’s no way a lion and tiger can tangle in Africa.

The lion, however, doesn’t live only in Africa. Some can be found in Asia too, especially in the country of Iraq and in some parts of India. So if a lion and tiger ever meet in the wild, and it’s not too likely, it would be in Asia, not in Africa!

And if they did tangle, the tiger would probably win. The biggest male tiger is bigger than any lion, sometimes growing to a length of 10 feet from its nose to the tip of its tail! Big tigers are also more powerful than big lions.