Do You Use More Water Taking a Bath or a Shower?

Although most kids probably hate to take either, you might be interested in knowing that the bathtub in your house holds between 40 and 45 gallons of water.

But when you take a shower, say for about five minutes, you are using only about 15 to 20 gallons of water.

So if you are interested in conserving water and the energy needed to heat it, you are better off with the shower.

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11 thoughts on “Do You Use More Water Taking a Bath or a Shower?”

  1. This is such a misleading tidbit. People take from this “Showers use less water than baths.”

    My standard response: Okay, so if I take a 20 minute shower (low water pressure and waist length hair makes it impossible to be clean in 5 minutes) am I still saving water?

    Just because MEN only need “5 minutes” to shower it does not follow that ALL showers are only 5 minutes long.

    (And just for the record, every guy I know who takes a “5 minute” shower actually takes a 10 minute shower. So… maybe you should be comparing a 10 and a 15 minute shower’s water usage to a bath – just to provide useful information and lessen the bad information out there in the world)

    Just a thought.

  2. Also, even though your bathtub can hold 40 gallons how many is an adult going to use considering water displacement? I’m 6’1″ and 200 pounds. If I filled the bathtub with 40 gallons and got in over half of that would pour out over the floor. I’ve estimated that my baths only use about 13-15 gallons. For me, baths use less energy.

  3. Honestly, I take baths when I need to cool down or just relax, but I rarely do that. I always take hot, or sometimes even cool showers, I think its best that we do everything in our power to reserve the water and do all good for our ecostystem.

    The Anonomous;<3

  4. well i personally think that you use more water when taking a bath than taking a shower, plus if you take a shower you might get much cleaner.

  5. i think that even though baths may feel good they use more water because (in my thought/opinion) a bath’s novel i way bigger so more water will come out of the novel and a shower novel has like 10 little holes where the water can come out and that limits how much can come out at a time.In case you may not know but, i did some research and only 1 gallon will come out after 20 minutes and i like taking long showers, maybe 30-40 minutes or so fourth, so i might uses at least 1 or 2 gallons of water everyday or every night.

  6. i think baths use more water because if you fill the bath tub and then sit in for me it goes 4 1/2 more inches so you should count that but when you get out of the tub your body takes up most of the water which means the waters on you.

  7. Old thread, but I’ll add my two cents for posterity’s sake. Just plug your tub and take your typically shower. Unless you usually take inordinately long showers, you’ll find your answer. Showers use less water.

  8. This was a great little way to get my kids to think really hard. They loved it. But my husband loves it more then them lol.

  9. For the record I find baths to be pretty disgusting. It’s analogous to filling the sink with water, brushing your teeth Over it, and scooping the same water up to rinse with. You’re basically rinsing with dirty water. Unless you refill the tub, in which case you have to use twice as much water. And how many rinses until the water is “clean” ? Baths do not clean as well as showers.

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