Which Is the Only State That Has No Houseflies?

The annoying housefly “bugs” people living in all states, except Alaska. Because of Alaska’s cold climate, flies cannot breed there.

alaska has no houseflies

However, some houseflies have been known to visit Alaska, coming in on planes and ships, but they live only a short time and cannot reproduce because of the cold.

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2 thoughts on “Which Is the Only State That Has No Houseflies?”

  1. We have houseflies right now, I was looking for a spray to kill them in the house without toxic chemicals. It gets to -50F in the winter and 80-85* in the summer with sunshine 24 hrs a day in the summer. Of course houseflies survive up here, they thaw in the spring…

  2. I see them breeding on my window right now! How the Heck do they survive the winter? Seen them inside and outside!

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