How Could There Be More Than One Universe and How Do Wormholes Connect Different Universes To Each Other?

Some cosmologists have taken Stephen Hawking’s work and proposed that the same black hole process that formed our universe may have occurred more than once to form other universes.

They say that structures called wormholes might connect our universe to others.

These same wormholes might connect different parts of our universe that are millions of light-years apart. Science fiction writers often use wormholes to describe space travel and even time travel.

It is unknown what is inside a black hole, and Hawking has called the space inside them possible “baby universes.”

His view of the structure of black holes creates the possibility that these baby universes could connect to each other over vast distances.

Hawking dismisses the idea that any kind of travel will ever be possible through these wormholes if they do exist.

He says the enormous gravitational pull inside would tear apart any matter that enters it.

In 1908, scientist Herman Minkowski showed mathematically that time and space do not exist separately.

Astronomers often speak more of a four-dimensional space-time rather than simply space.