How Did Cuchulainn Win His Bride Emer In Celtic Mythology and Why Did Forgall Object To the Marriage?

Cuchulainn fell in love with a woman named Emer.

But her father, Forgall, objected to the match, claiming that Cuchulainn had not yet proven himself as a warrior.

Forgall suggested that Cuchulainn make the difficult journey to the Land of Shadows to study combat with Scathach, a warrior princess.

Cuchulainn left immediately. With Scathach, Cuchulainn underwent dangerous and exhausting training.

He learned the techniques of sword fighting and how to wield Scathach’s magical spear. Once the spear entered the body, it expanded into thirty barbs, ensuring death.

Now a formidable warrior, Cuchulainn jumped into his chariot and galloped out of the Land of Shadows to claim Emer as his bride.

Shocked at Cuchulainn’s arrival, Emer’s father barred the doors.

Furious, Cuchulainn slaughtered Forgall’s warriors and seized Emer.

In the final battle, Cuchulainn chased Forgall to his castle walls, where Forgall slipped and fell to his death.