What Are the Names of the Irish Celtic Gods and How Many Different Gods Are There In Celtic Mythology?

The Irish Celts had many different gods and goddesses.

Here are some of the most prominent.

Dagda, which means “the good god,” was father of the Tuatha De Danann. Dagda carried a magical club so large that he hauled it behind him on two wheels.

If he struck anything with one side of his club, it fell dead while a tap from the other side restored life.

Daghda also owned an enormous cauldron that provided an endless supply of food. Many Celts worshipped him as the god of fertility.

Dian Cecht was the god of healing. He immersed dead members of Tuatha De Danann into a magical well and chanted spells that restored them to life. When Nuada lost his hand in battle, he fashioned a silver hand as its temporary replacement.

Nuada was a fierce warrior and leader of the Tuatha De Danann. Nuada’s hand was cut off during the First Battle of Magh Tuireadh, earning him the name “Nuada of the Silver Hand.”

Morrigan was the war goddess who flew over battlefields as a crow. Above the chaotic and bloody fighting, she decided who would live and who would die.

Goibhniu was the god of crafts. He forged deadly weapons that always struck their target. He also brewed an ale that gave the drinker immortality.

Manannan MacLir ruled the sea and practiced magic. He rode over the ocean’s waves in a self-propelled boat called the Wave Sweeper.

Lugh was the handsome god of light. His bravery in battle won many victories for the Tuatha De Danann.