How did Genghis Khan get his name and what does it mean in Chinese?

Genghis Khan’s name means “precious warrior” in Chinese and is pronounced cheng-sze.

Genghis Khan, originally named Temujin, ruled a huge Mongol Empire that spread across China and throughout Asia and Russia from 1206 till his death in 1227.

The Turkish part of his empire dubbed him Khan, meaning “lord,” and the combination of the two names stuck.

Kublai Khan was related to Genghis Khan. Kublai Khan, prounounced “koo-bill-eye,” not “koo-blah”, was Genghis’s grandson.

Regarded highly as the founding father of Mongolia, Genghis Khan was born in 1162 in a Mongol tribe near Burkhan Khaldun mountain and in modern-day Mongolia.

He was the third-oldest son of his father Yesükhei, a minor tribal chief of the Kiyad tribe.

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  1. djengis khan was no khan before he tried to invade Afghanistan. He got the name of khan because of the brave of Afghan. He was also defeted in Afghanistan.
    the orignal meaning of khan is brave, courage and lord, which relets to pashtons tribe.Afghanistans largest ethnic group.

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