How did the Mugger Crocodile get its Name and what does it mean in Hindustani?

Mugger Crocodile, or Mugger for short, is the name of a crocodile species that lives in India and Pakistan.

The name eventually got generalized to include human predators, as well.

The mugger crocodile’s scientific name, Crocodylus palustris literally means “crocodile of the marsh”.

It is also called the Indian, Persian, or Marsh crocodile, and is found throughout the Indian subcontinent and the surrounding countries.

The other two crocodilians found in India are the Gharial and the Saltwater crocodile.

The name “mugger” comes from the Hindustani word magar which means “water monster”.

Also very similar is the Sanskrit word for crocodile, makara, which is probably where the Hindistani word is derived.

Funny how some names for animals originate.