How Did Toadstools Get Named?

Long, long ago, people believed that toads used certain mushrooms to sit on. They also believed that toads were poisonous creatures and so the mushrooms they sat on were thought to be poisonous too.

But we know today that toads are NOT poisonous creatures. And we also know that very few, if, indeed, any at all, sit on mushrooms. However, of the 770 different kinds of mushrooms growing, about 70 ARE poisonous enough to make a person eating them very sick or even cause death. But the other 700 kinds are entirely safe.

Since it would take an expert botanist, a person who studies plants, to know the difference, it’s a good idea never to eat wild mushrooms; rather only those which are bought in the stores, since these are grown especially for food.

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2 thoughts on “How Did Toadstools Get Named?”

  1. In Australia we have an imported toad (cane toad) that is very poisionous! It has 2 large poisonous glands behind the head one on each side. The venom is not water soluble, so once anything that bites the toad and gets the toxin in the mouth, it is only a matter of time for a painful death.

  2. Toads DO sit on mushrooms.
    A fairly large population of toads live in my yard.
    This year, toadstools are popping up every night. I cannot get rid of them.
    On several occasions at night, I have seen toads perched atop the mushrooms/toadstools.
    So, it is very true that toads do sit on mushrooms. I have seen it with my own eyes.

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