How do Bald Eagles Mate and Reproduce and Do They Mate in Mid-Air?

High up in the air above the treetops, the two Bald Eagle lovers look deep into each others eyes.

bald eagles do not mate in mid-air

They then suddenly twist around, locking their talons together and holding onto each other for dear life as they plummet to Earth, spinning, turning, and diving with wild abandon.

At the last minute, right before the moment of impact, they release and soar again, high above the ground.

Whew, it’s like the overheated prose of a romance novel.

This is how we used to think bald eagles actually copulated, during this plunge, with wild, daredevilish abandon.

The truth is, in recent years we’ve learned this to be false.

The plunge is simply a playful flirting game they engage in during the mating season, sort of like human lovers writhing and undulating while dancing in a disco.

After this high-flying foreplay, bald eagles go off alone and do what must be done in private.

Taking the Plunge.

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  1. I was coming home around 1:30pm on a cool, windy day. It was February 12th, 2013. I looked up to see how the sky looked. It was cloudy and the colour of the sky was sea blue. Far up up up into the sky, I saw two eagles. They were gliding, going in circles and coming close to each other, then separate. They were doing this for a while. I did some research. I found out that they mate in the air. I was looking to see, if I was going to see these beautiful creatures mating, but they went up higher and keep going around each other. Then they vanished into the clouds. It is really interesting to study eagles . It is breath taking and wonderful to look into an eagles eye.

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