How do Camels Conserve Water in the Hot Dry Desert and Why do Camels Always Twitch their Noses?

Camels have many features that help them conserve water in the dry desert heat.

They have very efficient cooling systems which reduces the amount of water lost through perspiration.

Camels are able to withstand huge changes in body temperature and water content that would kill most other animals, and they may not sweat at all during the day.

The kidneys and intestines of a camel are very efficient at retaining water, and they can withstand at least 20-25% weight loss due to sweating.

A Camel twitches its nose not because they’re sniffing the air or because they’re bored.

They’re actually conserving water, believe it or not.

When the camel exhales, it can close its nose and reabsorb some of the moisture from its outgoing breath before blowing out the carbon dioxide.