How Do SmokeJumpers Fight Fires?

SmokeJumpers jump just where you’d guess they might, into smoke. The name smoke jumper is given to a very special group of 350 forest firefighters.

These man are trained to parachute from low-flying planes into parts of the forest that are hard to reach. Their job is to try to stop a forest fire before it gets so large it will be difficult to handle.

At the first sign of trouble, smoke jumpers are rushed into action. They have special clothing that protects them from the extreme heat. Their helmets, glasses, and gloves are all specially made for the job.

Aside from their clothing, they are equipped with the newest firefighting gear, wonderful first aid kits, and food in case they are forced to stay in the woods for an extended period of time. They even have specially made parachutes designed to allow them to land exactly where they want to.

They have been very successful in keeping fires under control. The group has been in existence since 1939 and is part of the U. S. Forest Service, Fire Fighting Division.