How Do You Become Immune to a Disease?

Your body has the ability to resist or overcome a disease by a process called immunity.

Your body acquires this immunity in several ways.

For example, if you had a disease such as yellow fever and had recovered from it, you would never get it again.

This is because your body has produced antibodies to fight the yellow fever virus, and these antibodies remain in your blood to give you immunity, or fight off the disease if you are ever exposed to it again.

But there are other diseases, such as influenza, which you can get many times. This is because the antibodies that fought it the first time don’t stay in your blood.

However, you can become immune to a disease like influenza by getting a vaccination, which is simply an injection of the weakened influenza virus. Your body then produces antibodies to protect itself against influenza for a certain length of time.

After that, booster shots, or additional injections, are given when the disease seems to be spreading in your particular area of the country.

Antibodies from a mother’s blood protect unborn and newborn babies from certain diseases for several months.

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7 thoughts on “How Do You Become Immune to a Disease?”

  1. What if we became affected, but not killed by disease. Is it possible that we are doing the wrong thing by fighting disease rather than accepting it for possible immunity? There must be a way to find find immunity for most diseases! Wouldn’t that mean that antibiotics which lower the immune system can be worse for you not better? What if we are looking at it with the wrong point of view. These things are all living organisims. Why can’t we adopt and live in harmony with them? I think we are looking at disease all wrong. Now I hope that some genius comes up with a way to allow these organisims to survive in us without damaging our system, but rather helping us become stronger. If we were as strong as a virus we would become rather strong… Don’t you think?

  2. So, your non-specific disease defenses are strengthened when you have been given a vaccine and become immune to the particular disease, or are the defenses produced?

  3. For many diseases any exposure would be fatal, hence the need for vaccination. Diseases like influenza contain varying degrees of intensity and so require vaccination to fight all forms, even if certain ones are not life-threatening. Our body is constantly creating immunogens for any outside bacteria, to be totally void of vaccination would overwhelm our system and lead to massive casualities.

  4. i recieved tdap vaccination on Wed and two days later was exposed to the whopping cough, am I safe from that exposure seeing I had the vaccine

  5. immunity is when your body fights the disease in what ever way possible this is a vital part of your bodies functions as without it millions of people across the globe would be falling ill with diseases nearly every 1 second for example in Africa a child dies every 5 seconds but if you were to multiply this by the population of the planet it is obvious that there would be disastrous consequences and it would given the right time scale destroy the human race and that would just be the start as it would also destroy other life forms on other planets if there are such beings and to conclude it would destroy existence from the tiniest beings right up to the largest because of the amount of diseases lurking in not just our atmosphere but on a universal scale too so as you can see our bodies immunity to diseases is very important as it not only keeps us healthy but save’s the atmosphere from complete catastrophe

  6. What kind of idiot body would just say, ” Oh the flu wasn’t so bad. Let’s get rid of our defenses and welcome it with open arms the next time it comes!” Its almost like the flu is the succubus. I always thought that we got the flew again because it mutates though.
    Hey, what do you call a fly with no wings????? A flew!

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