How Hot Is The Moon Surface?

The surface of the Moon can get very hot indeed. Much hotter than it does on earth.

On the daylight side of the moon, temperatures rise above the boiling point of water, 280 degrees F. Temperatures on the moon go up and down very fast with the coming and leaving of sunlight.

In just one hour, temperatures can fall over 100 degrees F. They go up even faster when the sunlight returns.

Temperatures rise and fall so fast because there is no atmosphere on the moon to “bend” the heat and light of the sun and make it come and go more slowly. Without atmosphere, or “air,” the sky looks black, not blue.

There can be no water vapor, so there are no clouds. What’s more, without an atmosphere, it is impossible to have sound waves.

That means that if the “man in the moon” had a wife, he couldn’t talk to her.