How Is Sunlight Good For Our Health?

Recent scientific studies have proven that there is nothing as good for people as the light of the sun.

That doesn’t mean sunburn, just plenty of natural light. The natural light of the sun produces certain hormones in our bodies, and these hormones tend to keep us from becoming sick.

Our skin produces Vitamin D when exposed to the sun.

These are the body’s protection against colds, influenza and infections. They are like built-in antibiotics. They form what scientists call our immune system. The artificial light used in homes and offices is not like the light of the sun.

It is too yellow and does not contain the proper balance of reds and blues. As a result, it does not cause the spread of the hormones that make up our immune system.

Only recently have scientists learned how to make artificial lights that are as healthy for us to live in as natural light.

Russian scientists have shown that natural light or artificial light that matches natural light can actually clear a person’s lungs of pollution.