How Long Can a Person Keep Growing and Is It Normal To Grow Several Inches After Graduating High School?

People stop growing at many different ages, but for most people the age limit is about eighteen or nineteen.

Thus, a person who continued to grow right after high school would be well within the normal range.

In some unusual cases, people can continue to grow until about the age of twenty, and in people without estrogen or estrogen receptors, growth can continue well into the twenties.

Growth, both normal and abnormal, is under the control of a battery of hormones, including human growth hormone from the pituitary gland, thyroid hormone and the hormones involved in sexual development.

Usually, there is a preadolescent growth spurt that begins at about the age of ten in girls and around twelve in boys.

It tends to reach its peak about two years later, with annual growth rates of three to four inches.

The rate then slows down; by the time of a girl’s first menstrual period and by the end of a boy’s growth spurt, adult proportions and body shape have emerged.

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17 thoughts on “How Long Can a Person Keep Growing and Is It Normal To Grow Several Inches After Graduating High School?”

  1. Yes and it happens more than you might think. It can be PAINFUL when bone growth outpaces the soft tissue. This is also a vulnerable time for the body – it’s out of balance and can be damaged easier. Sports like football and track might need to be moderated.

  2. hello i am marcos i turn 18 last week and i am trying to find out if i could still grow i am 5’1:( mom is 5’4 dad is 5’2 what would you recomnd me :( plss write back asap i will be waiting :(

  3. I’m 5’11.5 or in other matters 6′ feet tall, I already know I’m getting two more inches due to a doctor’s appointment. This was after all my family doctor.

  4. i became 6 ft when i was 16 years old now i am 19 and still 6 ft is something wrong with it will i grow more ?

  5. I’m 18 year old. I’m in 157 cm in height. I want to grow now. Can i grow? Please give some tips to grow well.

  6. You can’t really control your growth, growing too tall has its disadvantages. It is mostly genetic, and your height (if you are a girl) is between your parents and if you are a boy you are a couple of cm taller than your father. Most girls stop at 16, while guys stop at 18. I have a problem with my spine and I want to stop growing to prevent it from getting worse. I am a 13 year old girl and I am 5 foot 7 (170cmish?). its a pain.

  7. Hi
    I have a 17 year old daughter who complain alot about her height, and I am wondering if its normal to still be growing and she notice she has grown a few more inches and worrying alot, she’s 6 feet tall, and are the tallest in the school. What can I do to help her?.

  8. Hi

    I am 6 foot 9 and a half and I’m 19. I grew an inch in 1 month how longer will this go on, will I stop at normal age or could there be a problem here?

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