How Many People Live In Antarctica and How Many Scientific Research Stations Are There In Antarctica?

Many people live in Antarctica on a temporary basis, several countries have set up about 30 scientific research stations there.

One of the largest is the U.S.’s McMurdo Station, where about 4,000 people live in the summer months.

Most of the scientists and researchers do not spend the winter months of June, July, and August there.

The first child born in the southern polar region was Norwegian girl Solveig Gunbjørg Jacobsen on 8 October 1913, and eleven children were born in Antarctica since 2009.

The world’s first zero-emissions polar science station in Antarctica to research climate change was unveiled by the Belgian-based International Polar Foundation on 6 September 2007.

The Princess Elisabeth station cost $16.3 million and was shipped to the South Pole from Belgium to monitor the health of the polar regions.