In Which Country Do Girls Marry At The Age of 12?

In the country villages of remote areas of India, this has been going on for hundreds or thousands of years.

Here it is the custom for girls to marry when they are 12 or 13. Recently, however, a law has been passed that forbids them from living with their husbands as a family until they are 18.

Some of the village families obey this law, but many do not. When it is time for a young wife to move in with her husband, she goes to a house her husband shares with his mother, father, sisters, brothers, and other relatives.

Another rule is that the Zuni girl must keep her face completely hidden in front of any men or women who are she is living in the same house with them. The young bride must also pretend not to like her husband when others are present.

If her husband must leave on a trip, the wife must act delighted that he is going away.