Was the Phoenix Ever a Real Bird?

The phoenix never existed. It was a large bird, much like an eagle, written about in Greek mythology and based on ancient Egyptian legends.

phoenix myth

Only one phoenix was said to have lived at a time. This gold and red bird, always a male, lived in Arabia. Each phoenix lived for exactly 500 years, and when it was about to die, it gathered twigs and spices and built a nest. Then the phoenix sat on the nest and waited patiently for a ray of sun to set the nest on fire.

The bird never tried to escape its fiery death, for from its ashes a worm would come crawling out. This worm became a new, beautiful little phoenix, who immediately set to work gathering its father’s ashes into a ball of incense.

The phoenix then flew with these ashes to the Egyptian city of Heliopolis, the City of the Sun, and buried the ashes in the temple of the sun god. Then it flew back to Arabia to live for 500 years, when the cycle would be repeated.

Because of the phoenix’s rebirth from its own ashes, it became a symbol of immortality. Even today, a person who makes a comeback after suffering a great defeat is called a “phoenix.”

Some myths claim that each phoenix lived, not for 500 years, but for 97,200 years!

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  1. actually i am a lil doubtful about the whole arabia thing….phoenixs are supposed to be from india… in fact the sole inspiration for this bird also comes from the bird that serves as the vehicle of a god in india called garuda

  2. Wow this information is very good. This inspires me to write a story of some sort. If it ever existed, it would’ve been my favorite bird.

  3. Here’s a question if it got reborn from it ash’s every time it died then how come it’s not here right now? I mean it does get reborn from it’s ash’s so why dont we see it flying around from time to time?

  4. A phoenix is not myth not legend but mytholengency half legend half myth it is also known as the flame bird all scientist have been working hard to find the aswer.Eventually they found out that the phoenix only live in one of the hottest places of africa.lol it said that some phoenix’s workked for the netherworld it’s outter space far,far,far,far away about 123,1645,000 miles from a high powerd teloscope .I have to tell u that the only way to see them is to go to africa then go to a very hot place like egypt then look on the mountains u have 1/100 of killing ur self

  5. actually yeah, the 1st to come up with the phoenix myth/legend were the egyptians
    the 2nd oldest civilization on earth (after the mayan and the inka’s), adopted by the greeks after a while and it was adopted after several centuries in india and the far east in general
    and yes thats the myth/legend it died are rose from its ashes
    the only reason we cant see it, its a myth/legend :D

  6. The phoenix was a real living bird.
    if you ever read the Torah, Job 29:18.
    Then I thought, ‘I shall die in my nest,
    and I shall multiply my days like the phoenix.’
    [ This is a translation of the original Hebrew text]
    Since in Gods eye Job was described as a perfect man, then I don’t think he’d lie.
    If the Phoenix didn’t exist, I honestly believe he’d use a different analogy.
    I do however believe the phoenix that we think of today is not the one that existed back in ancient times.
    I mean, they had unicorns. [it too is in the Bible or Torah; look it up, they did exist] but they aren’t the pretty white horses with a single horn people think of today. The phoenix existed. It had a long life. They died out.
    Just my 2 cents.

  7. i believe tht the phoenix was and is real. we wouldnt see them for the simple fact it doesnt want to be found,why would a legendary bird thts lived for this long want to expose itself and possible be killed out byb a people who are just not able to mentally comprehend them?.. think of it, there are places we havent explored yet and there still animals that we still havent found yet. plus we lived our lives like we knew all the ethnic groups around the world but just a few yrs back we found a new and remote people living in the jungle!! now, if we are blind to our own kind living out there then whos to say we arnt blind to the phoenix? thts just a 14 yr olds thoughts on this matter. you can think what you want but dosnt it make since?

  8. I’ve seen a real golden bird when I was a kid. It had a very long tail with golden yellow feathers. I was inside of my parents house and suddenly I saw a long tail hanging outside the window. So I told my little sister and my aunt and together we went out and we saw a pretty big bird sitting on the roof of the house. It was an amazing experience. I don’t know if this bird was the phoenix bird, I haven’t found any picture on the internet of the bird I saw.

    Cammi is right, we still haven’t found out alle the living creatures on this planet. Even Ufos and ET’s exist! Really there is enough evidence on the internet and youtube to find out yourself. If you are interested, please go to my channel zaraki888 on youtube.

  9. The Phoenix is pronounced as The Venus. It has a date 1770bc July 10 in Adams year 2256am. Because it is called the Flood star (flipping zodiac from Leo to Capricorn every 600 years), many chronologies claim the Flood was Adams year 2256 and Venus ending the 40 days. Aztec-Mayan Quetzalcoatl is a fire-bird (quetzal-bird) of year 2256am calculated as a Flood of 3114bc. Though Venus full cycle is double or 1200 years, the tradition of 500 comes from Moslem tradition that Nimrod died at age 500 (ruled 500) thus 2270-1770bc. However, most chronologies will say he died in 2009bc at 500, the year of Marduk Temple. The Phoenix tradition of 97,200 years (days) comes from the winter solstice of 2000bc where if the 270 years from 2270-2000bc are simply claimed as 360 days per year they amount to 97,200 thus confirming Nimrod’s birth as 2270bc not 2509bc. The significance of winter solstice is Thoth slipping back in leap days. It is the Jan 6 winter solstice for 2004-2003-2002-2001bc. Thoth 1 becomes Jan 5 in 2000bc. This is the death of Peleg Mesanipada’s son, king Reu Aanipada of Ur in 2000bc at the age of 239, whose birth in 2239bc marks the foundation of Ur by 30-year old Peleg. Another unlisted Phoenix length is 1460 years of 365 leap days. However, the zodiac Venus pentacle points rotate every 243 years so that Venus returns in cycle and Egyptian dates in 1458 years and this is confirmed by Seleucus as 1770-312bc not 310 bc.

  10. PS. The Hebrew word for LION is ASH, because the sun was in Leo when the Phoenix (Venus) rose. The Aztec place Quetzalcoatl as our Big Dipper, this is because the ecliptic zone of Leo goes to both north and south poles and includes The Big Dipper which is a small part of The Big Bear. In this case both constellations (Leo and Dipper) align the setting west horizon to the north, not the rising east horizon to the north.

  11. Phoenix’s are so cool. It would be epic if there was a black one studded with diamonds! That would rock. me and my freind are makeing a sculpture of one that will look exactly like what i just said! I call it… TWILIGHT PHOENIX! Dun, dun, duhhhhhhh! ha ha isn’t that a cool name? well bye suckers.

  12. Please. Some of you are retarded and just being childish over this, some are actually looking at facts and opinions.

    Cammie is right.

    For example, we know more about the moon and space rather than our oceans here on earth. Why would we see phoenixes (or I just say Phoenix) flying everywhere? Maybe it wants to hide itself from the human civilization. You know how people are, when they see something new or un-natural, they react to it negatively. So let’s say the Phoenix does come, it lands on the Empire state building and people are looking at it in aww or screaming. Then the police shoot it down and dissect it. I mean why the actual hell would a mythical creature show itself upon people who don’t understand it and will try to kill it. Maybe people hunt the phoenix down and sell it on the black market or something.

    That’s why we probably don’t see it, or any other legend/myth creatures because of those reasons.

  13. since the phoenix reborn from its own ashes there is only one phoenix
    its a mysterious creature since its origin
    if they couldn’t be described in past where people were so religious and god fearing then how do we expect to see it now
    may be it exists as per it never dies
    who don’t want to live for the reason its born
    its afraid to die unnaturally that’s why its hidden
    may be people have found out about it but for its own good they might have kept it a secret
    don’t be over judgmental

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