What Bird Eats with Its Head Upside Down?

The odd-looking flamingo, which appears to be all legs and all neck, has a boat-shaped beak which gives it the most unusual habit of eating with its head upside down. The flamingo lives near muddy lakes and lagoons, and gets its food from the waters there.

When the flamingo feels hungry, it lowers its beak upside down into the water and sweeps it back and forth like a vacuum cleaner to catch shrimp and other small water creatures. A filter like growth in its mouth permits the flamingo to strain out its food and then spit out the water.

Perhaps the flamingo was built like this so it would lower only its beak into the water, thus keeping its beautiful feathers clean.

The flamingo’s feathers get their beautiful pink shades from the reddish coloring matter in the shrimp it eats!