What Are the 10 Largest U.S. States In Population?

The 10 largest U.S. states in population as of the 2000 Census were:

  1. California 33,871,648
  2. Texas 20,851,820
  3. New York 18,976,457
  4. Florida 15,982,378
  5. Illinois 12,419,293
  6. Pennsylvania 12,281,054
  7. Ohio 11,353,140
  8. Michigan 9,938,444
  9. New Jersey 8,414,350
  10. Georgia 8,186,453

U.S. Census Bureau experts predict that by 2025, Florida will become the third largest state, bumping New York to the fourth spot.

More than twice as many people live in Detroit, Michigan, as live in the entire state of Wyoming.

More people live in the Phoenix, Arizona, metropolitan area than live in the entire state of Oregon.

And, strangely enough, more people live in the New York City metropolitan area, because it includes parts of surrounding states, than live in the entire state of New York.