What Do Different Kinds of Flowers Symbolize and What Do the Colors of Flowers Mean?

Throughout time flowers sent as gifts have had unspoken meanings and are steeped in centuries of tradition.

For example, red flowers represent love, respect, passion, and courage.

Pink flowers express perfect happiness, grace, thankfulness, and admiration and are an appeal for trust.

Yellow flowers mean friendship, joy, jealousy, and an appeal for affection.

White flowers signify innocence, purity, secrecy, or silence, while those that are peach or coral send a message of enthusiasm, desire, joyful modesty, and shyness.

Purple is a declaration of passionate hope and fidelity.

Different kinds of flowers also send the recipient a personal message.

Roses say “know that I love you.”

Carnations affirm “you are beautiful and I am proud of you.”

Daffodils insist “you are a brave and good person.”

Chrysanthemums proclaim “I am faithful to you.”

Gladioli admit “I admire your character.”

Irises inform “I send my compliments and congratulations.”

Orchids declare “you are in my heart.”

Snapdragons reveal “I desire you.”

Sunflowers broadcast “my thoughts are pure.”

Tulips announce “I am declaring that I love you.”