What do You Call a Lock of Peacocks and Peahens and Where do Peafowl Come From?

A Lock of Peacocks and Peahens is often called a muster, although we like the less used phrase, an ostentation of peafowl.

peafowl displaying its feathers

Today most peafowl are raised in captivity, and their numbers in the wild are dwindling.

what do you call a lock of peacocks and peahens and where do peafowl come from

The two types that we see most often in zoos are the Indian and the Javanese peafowl. Indian peafowl are found in the deep forests of Sri Lanka and India.

The Javanese or “jungle” peafowl are native to Malaysia, Java, and Burma. A third species, the Congo peafowl, is native to Africa.

Pretentious Little Group of birds they are.

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