What is the Difference Between Peacocks, Peahens and Peafowl and Can All of Them Raise Their Feathers?

Technically, there is no such thing as female peacocks.

peacock plumage

The birds are known collectively as peafowl, the males are called peacocks, and the females are peahens.

The peahen cannot raise her feathers.

As a matter of fact, she doesn’t have much to raise in the first place.

Although both sexes of peafowl share a crest of feathers on their heads, the female completely lacks the train of long feathers sported by the male.

Peafowl are best known for the male’s crazy big tail, or plumage, which it displays as part of courtship.

NBC’s first color broadcasts showed a still frame of a colorful eleven-feathered peacock logo created by John J. Graham in 1956.

The bright peacock logo made its first on-air appearance on May 22, 1956, and was adopted due to the increase in color programming.

In the Azidi religion, Melek Taus is a major figure in their faith, and is depicted as a Peafowl.

Peacocks were also associated with the ancient Greek god Hera.

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  1. We have had peafowl for a number of years and the peahens do indeed flare their tails. I just looked out the window and our peacock was flaring his tail (I think) for the first time this year for two hens and one of them flared her tail back. Yes I’m sure she is female she hatched eggs this year and I do have photos of them with their tails flared from last year.
    Thank you
    Linda Jameson

  2. Thank you, Linda and Natalie. My peahen flared her tail this morning, I was devastaded! I know she is a hen, all is well. Thanks again

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