What is a Wildebeest and Where Do They Live?

What is a wildebeest? It is a kind of antelope known as the gnu and has a large head, shaggy mane, pointed beard, and sharp, curved horns. It eats only grass and is what people call a grazing animal.

Found on the the grassy plains of Africa, Wildebeest often travel in huge herds of 200,000, searching the plains for just the right type of grass.

The wildebeest is one of the prey of the African lion, the hyena, the cheetah, and wild dogs.

Most of the time, a wildebeest will tremble, snort, and run at the sight or smell of one of these predators. Yet, sometimes, a wildebeest will simply walk right up to any of these deadly enemies and stand waiting for what must happen.

Wildebeest males sometimes have as many as twelve battles a day with other males, but they are famous for never even scratching one another.

After several minutes of this mock combat, one of the animals just gives up and walks away, leaving the other the winner.