What Is the Largest Religious Building in the World?

The nation of Kampuchea, which used to be known as Cambodia, is the home of the Khmer people.

About a thousand years ago, the Khmers built an empire in Southeast Asia, with their capital at Angkor, the largest and most magnificent city in all the Orient. Then in the 15th century, the city was conquered by enemies, and the Khmers deserted it.

In 1861, a French butterfly collector accidentally found Angkor. Jungle growth had covered the buildings, and monkeys and panthers roamed the halls. Angkor had lain forgotten in the jungle for four centuries!

Angkor covers almost 40 square miles, with immense palaces, temples, libraries, baths, and courtyards. The largest temple in the city, called Angkor Wat, boasts five acorn-shaped towers, one as high as a 25-story building.

Stone carvings of gods, men, and animals cover the walls. Angkor Wat is the largest building in Asia, and the largest religious building in all the world!