What Is The Longest Subway System In The World?

That famous “hole in the ground” is the subway.

England is the home of the subway. The first system, called the London Transport Executive, began to operate in 1863, while the United States was deeply involved in the Civil War.

The Longest Subway System In The World is the The London Tube, with 408 km of tracks.

Thirty-five years passed before Boston opened the first American underground system in 1898.

Six years later, New York City sent its first subway train zooming through the darkness under the sidewalks. New York may not have been the first to have a subway, but its system is the world’s largest.

It has 200 miles of track. Believe it or not, when New York replaced many of its older subway cars in the 1950’s, some of them had been in use for over 40 years.