What Is the Most Expensive Car Ever Made?

The Presidential limousine, a Lincoln Continental Executive, made for President Richard Nixon in 1968, holds the honor as the most expensive car ever made. This 21- foot-long car has two tons of armor plate covering it, bringing its weight to 12,000 pounds, or about 6,000 pounds more than a normal limousine.

Its wheels and tires were especially made so that even if all 4 four tires blew out at one time, the car could still travel at 50 miles an hour on its rubber-covered steel wheels.

This car cost $500,000 to produce, but was rented to the government by the Ford Motor Company for $5,000 per year.

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  1. Bugatti Veyron is actually in full production. Retail price is around $2 million US, although it actually costs parent company Volkswagen at least twice that amount to build each car.

  2. The most expensive car around at the moment was build by a company called Bugatti and the car was called the Veyron. As seen on the UK tv show TOP GEAR.

    There has been only one of these cars made, and they made it just to show that they could. It is the fastest supercar in history so far and cost the company £5,000,000 (5 million pounds) to make it

  3. There are several bugatti veyrons and there are at least 10 produced each year and the car costs only 1 million dollars.

  4. Yep The lunar Rover is the most expensive car ever built and sadly all 3 are gathering dust on the moon

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