What Kind of Travel is OOBE?

OOBE stands for “out of body experience,” a name given to an unusual kind of travel. Some people believe that we all really have two bodies, a physical body and a spiritual body. Furthermore, they believe that it is possible to separate the two, and to send just the spiritual body on a trip.

In her book, Diary of a Witch, psychic Sybil Leek, for instance, describes an OOBE she had as a schoolgirl. When she was bored with math, Sybil would send her spiritual body into an English class in a different room. She claims she was once marked present in both classes at the same time!

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  1. I am curious if this is a real experience or only a hallucination. Our brains can do so much more than we think, perhaps the people traveling this way are only dreaming it.

  2. This is a good theory but it couldn’t explain how two people could have the same “dream” and remember specific (if not FULL) details of it – without having talked to each other about it.

    For Ex: (personal experience)
    My brother, Hayden, was off to college in Pennsylvania – and I was stuck back here in North Carolina. Our schedules were hectic and clashed so badly that we barely ever got to speak – just an email here, a text message convo at 1am, etc…

    Anyways… I was having a hard time with (you guessed it) drama at school. -.- And Hayden was always the person i turned to, mainly because he was that guy that just got along with everyone. But I got out of school that day and text him saying “Hey. It’s your sis. Its been a really hard day, and I need to talk.” only to get a reply saying “Hey you. I’m in the middle of a heap of homework now, but I should be free late tonight. We’ll talk then okay?”

    Of course, we never got to. But I went to bed that night and had the weirdest dream. Hayden and I were sitting alone on a couch in a room – almost like a therapist’s room but NOT TACKY… and at first I hugged him because I hadnt seen him in 4 months. then we smiled and he asked how things have been, and i told him not good. He asked what was up, and i started spilling my guts out about guys i liked, girls i hated, and how i was caught in between. And he gave me the best advice ever on how to deal with it. At the end of the dream we hugged and said our goodbyes.

    Then I woke up. I went through the school day as “Hayden” had instructed me to, and it was great.

    Later that night, hayden’s girlfriend called me. She had just gotten off the phone with him (figures he’d chose his gf over his sister lol). And she said “Hayden said he had the craziest dream about you lastnight.” and i told her “Man I had a crazy one about him” and she asked me to explain it. I did. And she freaked out and almsot dropped the phone and said “Thats exactly what hayden told me…. did you two plan this??” and I told her “no i havent gotten to have a decent conversation with him in a week.”

    Afterwards, I called Hayden and asked him about it. And he and I talked for an hour about all the details of the room we were in!

    “What was I wearing?”
    “Your white shirt with the blue pinstripes, and a pair of your skater jeans. What was my hair like?”
    “Pulled into a ponytail. What color was the couch?”
    “Burgundy. How about the carpet?”
    “Same color as the couch, but had golden detailing around the edge. What was to the left of the couch?”
    “A big window.”
    “Well what was outside the window??”
    “Couldn’t see, the white drapes were closed.”
    “AH! I thought I’d get you with that one! So we REALLY had the same dream!”
    “Sounds like it! Thats SO COOL!”

    And from then on, we started learning more about OOBE and -not joking- whenever we have dreams of each other, we usually take a trip to somewhere awesome, like Paris (which I’ve never been to but Hayden has). And he can quiz me on things, and I know them like I was actually there.

    So…. I figure that it’d be kinda hard for us to magically have the same dreams… There is always the possibility, but the chances are very slim, and there’s TONS of reported stories like mine every single day. :-/ I’m not saying its a FER SURE thing.. I’m just saying I BELIEVE that OOBE is a very possible element to be reckoned with.

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