Why Does the Leaning Tower of Pisa Lean?

The Leaning Tower of Pisa is a marble bell tower at Pisa, Italy. Even though the tower has been leaning since it was under construction, it has stood for hundreds of years, despite the fact that it looks as if it might fall any minute.

The tower was begun over 800 years ago, in 1173, and after the first three of its eight stories were built, the ground started to sink, and the tower began to lean. It has continued leaning, a millimeter each year, and now leans 14 feet out of line.

Still, the lean does not stop thousands of tourists each year from climbing its 300 winding steps to the bell tower to view Pisa and the surrounding countryside.

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14 thoughts on “Why Does the Leaning Tower of Pisa Lean?”

  1. Interesting, yes. I’ve seen it a few times, doesn’t make me think it’s anymore amazing that oh. my hand. That’s just me, I mean, it”s about to fall soon enough, then what will you people do, cherish memories?

  2. With todays technology the tower will not fall. There has been many things done to correct some of the lean and has already been up righted about 1 in. It will be here well past anyone’s life time who is reading this right now.

  3. According to the article, the tower is 14 feet out of vertical….
    I hope this is an answer to your posting. I have not idea how many ‘degrees’ that involves, but surely someone reading this posting may have the answer.

  4. Just checked another web site – sorry I did not write it down – but the Tower leans 5.7 degrees out of vertical. The article further stated that it is expected to collapse in 75 to 100 years [WE won’t see it] at which time it will have reached a 6.1 degree angle out of vertical.
    I enjoyed doing this ‘research.’ Fortunately, there were answers everywhere I looked.

  5. I gotta say though.
    It is only a tower. I mean I could stick a building block in playdo and get the same result. What a waste of building materials.

  6. finally i found what i need for my Geography homework all because the ground started to sink

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