What movies has Spike Lee made and Why is Spike Lee a critically acclaimed filmmaker?

In the 1980s, an exciting and /dynamic filmmaker named Spike Lee (1957- ) began to gain attention for his innovative work.

Lee, an African American, creates films that portray black lives and perspectives that much of America has rarely seen before. Many of his movies have been daring, frequently generating controversy.

But his characters are consistently lively, real, and compassionate. Lee’s films are also exceptional for his unconventional camera angles, bright and bold colors, lively pacing, and other exciting cinematic techniques.

His first widely released movies were She’s Gotta Have It (1986) and School Daze (1988). Do The Right Thing (1989) brought him the acclaim he sought; it was very popular, and critically and commercially successful.

Jungle Fever (1991) explored an interracial relationship, and Malcolm X (1992) opened many young people’s eyes to the life and teachings of the 1960s black leader. The movie renewed interest in this extremely popular figure.

In 1997, Lee made a documentary, Four Girls, about the four young schoolgirls who were killed in 1963 when a church in Alabama was bombed.