What Pro-Football Player Scored the Most Points in One Game?

It was back in 1929, and he was probably the greatest ball carrier of his day.

He played for the Chicago Cardinals. What was his name? Ernie Nevers. In a game against the Chicago Bears, Nevers carried the ball for six touchdowns, as the Cardinals beat the Bears 40 to 6.

Two other ballplayers, Dub Jones of Cleveland in 1951, and Gayle Sayers of Chicago in 1965, scored six touchdowns in one game, too. But in 1929, Nevers was also the point after-touchdown kicker, and he managed to place four of six tries right between the goalposts for a total of forty points scored.

In that game, Garland Grange, brother of the famous Red Grange, carried the ball over the goal line for the Chicago Bears 6 points.