What Sounds Do Chickens Make In Other Languages Such As French and German?

A rooster’s crow is so distinctive that there isn’t much variation between “cock a doodle doo!” (English) and “ku ku ri ku!” (Hebrew), “ko ki ko ko!” (Japanese), and “ku ka rzhi ku!” (Russian).

However, language differences appear when you start talking chicks and hens.

Chicks say “twit twit” in Arabic, “pip pip” in Danish, “plep plep” in German, and “jiap jiap” in Thai.

what sounds do chickens make in other languages such as french and german

While to English-speaking listeners hens “cluck cluck,” the sound becomes “cot cot cot codet” in French, “gak-gak” in German, “gut gut gudak” in Turkish, “gaggalago” in Icelandic, and “pak pak pak” in Hebrew.

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