What was Toypurina’s Rebellion during the mission period about and How was Toypurina punished?

During the mission period (1769-1834), Native Americans often banded together to rebel against the Spanish.

In 1785, one such uprising was organized by a Gabrielino medicine woman named Toypurina. Under her leadership, six villages of Indians tried to overthrow the priests and soldiers at the San Gabriel Mission near present-day Los Angeles.

Toypurina’s followers believed that her supernatural powers would lead them to victory, but, warned about the attack, Spanish forces quickly squelched the rebellion and arrested Toypurina.

At her trial, Toypurina bravely spoke out against her people’s ill treatment by the Spanish. As a punishment, she was sent to the San Carlos Mission (near what is now Carmel, California) to live out her days in exile from her people.