Where Is the World’s Largest Subway?

That depends on what you mean by “largest.” The world’s longest subway is in London, stretching 255 miles, but only 101 miles are underground. The New York City subway is shorter, 231 miles long, but 134 miles of it are underground.

New York’s subway is the world’s busiest. The London subway handles about 600 million passengers a year, but New York’s subway handles more than three times that many!

New York’s Grand Central Station, which is a stop on the city’s subway system, is the world’s largest single station, covering 48 acres with its two levels!

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4 thoughts on “Where Is the World’s Largest Subway?”

  1. Is really New York City’s subway the busiest? I thought it was Tokyo subway, and Moscow in the 2nd place.

  2. Moscow is the busiest in the world.

    Title of longest system in the world can still swing two ways. I think London has the most route miles, but New York has the most track miles, since on many routes we have four tracks to accommodate local and express service all the time (almost every line in Manhattan), and three tracks in many routes in the outer boroughs for rush hour peak direction express service (such as the 7 in Queens or the 6 in the Bronx)

    And New York does have the most stations.

  3. There is no such thing as Grand Central Station. It’s Grand Central Terminal. There is a subway station at Grand Central Terminal.

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