Which Country Has The Happiest People in the World?

Do you hear a lot of griping and complaining around you?

Are your friends always saying this is wrong, that is terrible, and that other thing ought to be changed?

Well, if you hear a lot of that here in the US, you ought to hear what’s going on in Italy and Japan. More people are unhappy about their lives in those two countries than in any of the other industrial democracies.

A poll recently showed that a high proportion of people in those countries said they were not only unhappy now, but expected to be just as miserable in five years.

For all the complaining that Americans do, and for all the changes we would like to see take place in our country, people in the good old USA are the happiest people on Earth, according to that same poll.

Not only do more of us say that we are very happy today, but more of us believe we will be just as happy in the future.