Which Egyptian Gods First Appeared On Top of the Primeval Mound and How Did Ra Create Shu and Tefnut?

On top of the primeval mound, the first god came into being.

He was the sun god, and most Egyptians called him Ra, or Ra-Atum.

Ra created two gods called Shu and Tefnut by sneezing and spitting.

which egyptian gods first appeared on top of the primeval mound and how did ra create shu and tefnut

Shu, god of the air, came from the sneeze.

Tefnut, goddess of moisture, was created from Ra’s saliva.

The offspring of Shu and Tefnut are Nut, the sky and Geb, the earth.

Tefnet was often represented as a lioness and was thus connected with other leonine goddesses as the Eye of Ra.

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