Who Was Grainne In Celtic Mythology and How Did Grainne and Diarmuid Escape From Finn?

After being touched by the goddess of youth, Diarmuid spent much of his time resisting the advances of women.

He avoided all of them except one, the beautiful Grainne, daughter of the king of the Fianna.

Unfortunately for Diarmuid, Grainne was already engaged to Finn, the warrior leader of the Fianna.

Grainne used her magic to escape from Finn with Diarmuid. For the next sixteen years, the two lovers were pursued relentlessly by Finn and his warriors.

Finally, the king intervened, and Finn grudgingly called off the pursuit. But Finn never forgave Diarmuid.

Years later, Diarmuid was seriously wounded while hunting a boar, and only a magical drink of water from Finn could save him.

Finn recognized Diarmuid as he approached him with the water cupped in his hands.

Still angry and bitter after all those years, he let the water trickle through his fingers, ensuring Diarmuid’s death.