Who Was the Kindest God In Hindu Mythology and How Did Bhrigu Decide That Vishnu Was the Supreme God?

Bhrigu, an Indian wise man, wondered which god, Brahma, Shiva, or Vishnu, was greatest.

To find out, he visited Brahma and did not pay proper respect. Brahma bristled with anger but accepted Bhrigu’s apologies.

Next, Bhrigu visited Shiva and snubbed him.

Shiva rose up in rage and prepared to destroy Bhrigu. He only calmed down after Bhrigu apologized repeatedly.

Finally, Bhrigu visited Vishnu, who was sleeping on the floor.

Bhrigu kicked Vishnu in the chest.

Vishnu woke up and grabbed Bhrigu’s foot.

He asked Bhrigu if he had hurt his foot and began massaging it.

Stunned by this act of kindness, Bhrigu proclaimed Vishnu the god most worthy of worship.