Why Did Dinosaurs Die Out?

The huge reptiles called dinosaurs began to flourish on earth 180 million ears ago. But all these creatures seemingly died out about 60 million years ago.

Why the dinosaurs vanished suddenly, after ruling the earth for some 120 million years, is a question that still puzzles scientists today.

The most probable explanation is that the climate of the earth changed greatly around 60 million years ago. The earth on which the dinosaurs roamed as a warm planet, with swamps and shallow seas rich in plant matter. The plant-eating dinosaurs scooped up this plant matter for nourishment, while flesh-eating dinosaurs lived by killing their plant-eating cousins.

Then around 60 million years ago, the earth grew colder and drier. New mountain ranges rose, and the swamps and shallow seas dried up. New kinds of vegetation began to appear on earth.

The dinosaurs probably could not live on this plant matter, so their food supply gradually vanished. The plant eating dinosaurs began to die, and their disappearance spelled the end of the flesh-eaters soon afterwards.