Why do Cats Hate Water so Much and Which Cat Species Can Swim in Water to Catch Fish?

Some of us know cats are natural swimmers, and in the wild, a cat will swim to cross a stream or lake.

cat in water

The tolerance for water varies from cat to cat and may depend on how the cat was raised.

why do cats hate water so much and which cat species can swim in water to catch fish

Some house cats will play with a dripping faucet or even step into the shower with you, but others hate water with a passion.

A few Asian cat species will even dive into water to catch fish to eat.

The jaguarundi is a wild cat that likes swimming so much it’s sometimes called the otter cat.

Found in a range from Arizona and Texas to Argentina, it prefers living near water, where it can dive in now and again for a fish or a frog.

Tigers and jaguars are also willing to swim, although not as enthusiastically as the jaguarundi.

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