Why Do People Wear Lucky Charms?

Since the time of the ancient Egyptians, people have worn charms, or talismans, for two reasons, to ward off evil or disease, and to bring good fortune.

Not only were these charms worn by living Egyptians, but they were also placed inside the coffins of mummies to assure them a happy afterlife.

Among the most popular talismans around the world are the Egyptian ankh, a life symbol, the Chinese shy-ching, an ancient engraving, and the African elephant hair ring.

Some well known American charms are horseshoes, rabbits’ feet, and four-leafed clovers.

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1 thought on “Why Do People Wear Lucky Charms?”

  1. Great trivia. How about today? What can you say about charms?

    If you ask me, I think charms provide a sense of positivity to the wearers. In medical terms, it’s like a placebo effect. People feel safe with these charms because they believe on its innate power, not because it really has some power. Of course, that is from the scientific point of view.

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