Why Do Some People Talk or Sing to Their Plants?

To understand the reason, we must consider two groups of believers. The first group says that all living things are somehow connected. In order to thrive, plants, just like animals and people, need to sense that they are loved.

Thinking warm thoughts and saying encouraging things to a plant will have a good effect on its growth. A “green thumb” gardener is nothing more than a true plant lover.

The second group believes that talking helps plants only because it is a form of sound. In 1958, Dr. T. C. N. Singh, experimenting in India, proved that music increased the growth of a mimosa tree, shortened the sprouting time of seeds, and increased the size of rice crops.

In Canada, Dr. Pearl Weinberger of Ottawa University laughed at the above idea. But when she experimented herself, she found that brief daily periods of ultrasonic sound did produce greater growth in lettuce leaves.

Her explanation is that it has nothing to do with the plants’ sensing love. She says that the sound waves change the plant membranes and allow the nutrients in the soil to get into the plant more quickly. This, in turn, speeds up growth.