Why Does The Chipmunk Store Food In Its Nest?

The chipmunk, like the squirrel, has a habit of burying enough food to last all winter. Although Chipmunks hibernate, they periodically dip into their stash of food throughout the winter instead of storing fat.

Chipmunks are wonderful collectors of nuts, berries, and grain. A chipmunk never makes the mistake of trying to store something that will get rotten. It collects only food that it knows will stay fresh over the winter.

The small animal buries these supplies of food in different places, except for the biggest pile of all. The biggest pile of food, enough to last all winter, is always buried right beneath its bed.

One chipmunk’s nest was found to contain 32 quarts of nuts. This means that tiny animals forget where they have buried some of their smaller hoards.

When this happens, the next spring the forgotten food grows into plants and trees, which keep the forest green.