Why Does The Earth Have Two North Poles?

There Two North Poles, and there are also two South Poles. The “true” poles are the “top” and “bottom” of the earth when the Equator is figured as its center.

A compass needle lines up with earth’s magnetic field and points to Magnetic North and Magnetic South. It is a long walk between the magnetic poles and the “true” poles.

Magnetic north is in the waters off queen Elizabeth Islands in the far northern reaches of Canada, some 1,050 miles from the North Pole. At the other end of the world, the magnetic south pole is in Victoria Land in Antarctica, over 1,650 miles from the earth’s geographic South Pole.

Strangely enough, these magnetic locations seem to change for short periods of time when the earth’s magnetic field is disturbed by flares on the sun.

Did you know that the earth’s magnetism is caused by moving current of liquid iron in the core of the earth?