Is There Any Buried Treasure in the United States?

Yes! There is probably more than 4 billion dollars in lost treasure scattered throughout the United States. Lost and never found. Where did it come from?

Some of it is loot buried by robbers, loot that was never recovered because the men were either shot or hung before they could dig it up.

Some of it is in unbelievably rich gold mines, mines whose owners died without revealing the location to anyone.

Some of it is pirates’ treasures, treasures buried along America’s coasts and never recovered either because maps were lost or the pirates killed.

All this treasure DOES exist, and to this day people are searching for the gold, silver, jewels, and money. Some people start by reading books on treasure hunting; others by reading old newspapers to trace it; and still others by buying metal detectors (from $20 for a toy one to $1,000 for an electronic one) to try to make their lifelong dream come true.

In case you want to be a treasure hunter, here is a partial list of treasure that does exist, but that has never been found:

$5,000-$40,000 in gold, buried by French miners before they were killed by Indians in the mountains of Colorado in the late 18th century.

$114,522 in gold currency, buried when Confederate soldiers robbed a Union bank in 1864.

$180,000 in gold and money, stolen by two gangs in 1865 from a Wells Fargo stagecoach in Idaho.

$1,000,000 in gold nuggets, hidden in 1879 in a washtub in the Black Hills of South Dakota by an old prospector, who died before he could dig it up.

$1,000,000 in gold bars, stolen by the Jesse James gang in Oklahoma.

$200,000 in small bills, buried in the woods between Wisconsin and Michigan in 1934 by Public Enemy No. 1, John Dillinger, just three months before he was killed.

$50,000 in gold and jewels, buried by Captain Kidd in 1699 on Gardiners Island, off Long Island, New York, before he was hanged.

So, get on your mark, treasure hunters, get ready, get set, GO!

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12 thoughts on “Is There Any Buried Treasure in the United States?”

  1. The story on John Dillinger is that he had 200,000 in currency in a Briefcase when the Feds took out 2 inocent bystanders at little Bohemia in Northern WI. those gun shots made John and the boys run out the back into a ravine. John had the case with him when he left but it wasent very long later they all got together and left the area,John did not have the case with him when they departed the area. that Briefcase was found containing 60,000 in currency,thats alot of “BLING” even by todays standards let alone durring the depression. Put your self in his place,you know your wanted and Bang Bang its time to bust and move,would you be taking the time to seperate this loot in the dark and bury it? I dont know where the figure of 200,000 came from cause I dont believe John sat there and counted it out in front of anyone,Im thinking 60 Grand was all there was and the other Ha Ha 140,000 is a witch hunt,Just my 2 cents worth on this subject which is probably worth more then a supposed 140,Grand of papper currency left rotting in the ground for 80 yrs,If I want to waste time I would go after D.B. Coopers lost loot, Ha Ha THINK from all aspects

  2. Anybody up for research?, Sure hope so. Im the 1 that made the comment on John Dillinger and heres 1 about Jessies 1,000,000.oo in hidden Gold…Is that 1 million today or back then? The reason I ask is cause Gold then was 20.oo an ounce so at 1 million dollars WOW forget the Clydesdale s were talking peterbuilts and kenworths to haul that much weight!, Seriously think about it,I aint saying stuff aint hidden or burried and for sure some of its worth a small fortune back then and worth even more now but please get real and use your head and research before you head out! If its currency your searching for and its 20-80 plus years ago forget it, Its rotted and decayed for sure if its in the ground or unprotected. Does that make sense? I think so and Gold and silver are natural minerals, They dont rott!!! Anyone see where Im going with this? If your not catching on yet please go watch some T.V. or mow the yard, If you do understand what Im saying please look into Death traps before you adventure and know how to read a cave before going in!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Ok 1 more on this and your on your own, That 1 million hidden under a washtub in the BlackHills of S.D. could be true, However I doubt that its that much but regardless it probably aint a very good idea to go digging around up there., The reason why is cause that area belongs to the Sioux Indian reservation and that makes it Federal land. They wernt happy about MT Rushmore being put in there,Thats when the apology came in to create a sculpture of Crazy Horse pointing west toward his people. Now you can see how important it is to do your research and avoid legal problems and issues, Also use your head and stay alive and dont take foolish risks, Besafe

  4. Moved to Chattanooga, TN some 23 years ago. Am now retired with time and a metal detector on my hands. Is anything around the Chattanooga area?? Please advise.

  5. Jennifer..I am a dowser..i use map and a special pendulum to help fouding lost things missing work..why don’t you try and start to practice radiesthesia…it say on my can found treasures this way..i am working on the question with some firends right now,and its how i came across your coment…

  6. I thought jesse james million was in Colorado mountains? would like more info on colorado lost treasures. email me please! Chris_Bama @netzero .com

  7. Dillinger’s money is no longer there. Some was buried to the East of Little Bohemia, and a larger stash north of Eagle River. This money was recovered.

  8. Anyone that does not find this at least a little interesting is already dead. But I agree alot of this has to already be found or the paper money rotted away. It is fun to read about and sit and dream about when you get a minute to yourself to do so. It would be nice to hear about someone making a huge find but the people that are really going to go look for it are smart enough to know that if they were lucky enough to find it to keep their mouth shut. Some of the best jokes are kept to yourself.

  9. I have not seen anyone mention the Spanish gold treasures, Spanish gold bars in the western U.S. such in the national park in Crane ,Texas, A few miles south of Odessa, Texas for example. How much is known about these, and where can I get maps of the mines? Are there any possible treasure locations? Years ago truck drivers told me that you could pick gold up on your tires in Indio California. How much truth is there to this? During the California Gold rush, there were some that never reported that they had made it big. If you look at the giant date palm ranch in Indio , California this was bought and paid for with gold rush gold! The owner got gold fever, Contacted the rest of the family wanting them to come from Maine out to Indio and take over the ranch but failed because they were afraid of making the trip on nothing more than an old dirt road, so he gave it to his slaves and went back to the gold fields where he found another fortune, probably all the time knowing where he was going all along. The old Sherriff back about 35 years ago told me that the former owners name had not come up in 30 years and wanted to know where I got that name? I laughed and told him to his surprise that I was A relative. The Sherriff showed me the ranch, and introduced me to some of his friends who came up with more of the colorful details that were little more than old memories from days of long ago.

  10. Al Capone once lived in Lake Helen Florida. He had headquarters on west Madison street in Chicago. I once lived east of this place at the corner of Madison and Monroe. Older business men told me A lot about him, and how the money that he stashed had been given to finish Wrigley Field when they were having money problems. The Law was A little late to say the least, and only found an empty vault.

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